Kutluşah; is a management consultancy firm that will enable businesses to get ahead of the competition, use their resources in the most effective way, and accelerate their transformation into profitable, efficient and sustainable structures.

Financial Performance
We determine the ``financial strategy`` that will enable companies to reach the financial resources they will need in an optimum way, as well as effectively managing their current financial opportunities in order to continue their activities and achieve their goals.

Within the framework of the determined financial strategy; We present the roadmap with the use of appropriate financial products and methods (financial restructuring, public offering, company acquisitions-sales, mergers, etc.), taking into account the sustainable and cyclical realities, considering the balance of internal and external resources.
Strategy and Implementation
We analyze the ecosystem in which the institutions are located. Businesses now and in the future; We examine the management and organizational structure, relations with stakeholders, financial and financial structure, sectoral position, development and learning process, technology and knowledge management competencies with special methods. We create the most suitable business plan with the right strategies and ensure its implementation. We bring organizational agility to organizations with effective problem-solving and decision-making techniques.
Processes and Organizational Efficiency
We handle the processes and organizational structure in the direction of company’s future strategy. We plan the processes with a value-added oriented, we design them to provide the flexibility according to the opportunities and threats that may arise, and we build the organizational structure on the processes.

Our strategy is to provide efficiency that will create a competitive advantage.
Today, digitalization forces all kinds of organizations to transform. It has almost become a precondition for survival. Digitalization also leads to great opportunities.

Within the framework of the company's determined future strategy for digital transformation, we evaluate the technologies that will be needed by considering the customers and other interest groups, products-services and processes together with our solution partners and propose solutions.
Family Businesses
Institutionalization and ensuring sustainability in companies is directly proportional to institutionalization of the family.

Relationships in the family, handing over to the next generation, family relations with the company and professionals. We provide coaching-mentor-supported services in matters of binding all these to principles (family constitution), implementation and making it become a culture.
Internal Control & Internal Audit

One of the important elements in ensuring sustainability in all organizations is the internal control and internal audit structure.

Internal Control and internal audit function, assessment of risks and the company's fields of activity, size, etc. We structure it taking into account the facts.
Executive Coaching and Mentorship
Our coaching programs for corporate structures;

Coaching services tailored to business leaders and CEOs
Coaching services supported by pre-training programs covering upper and middle level managers
Coaching services for rapid orientation for promotions and newly appointed managers

Our individual coaching programs;
Coaching services for individuals who prioritize investing in themselves, have career goals and want to improve their leadership skills
Coaching services for CEO and CEO candidates with new career goals
Mentoring services tailored to the needs of institutions

Our coaching and mentoring services are planned and delivered by our leaders with many years of senior management and coaching experience.
Human Resources and Talent Management

In our work; We evaluate the needs of the company as well as the needs of the employees.

We act with the awareness that any change will be made by employees. We discover potential leaders that will carry the company into the future. We determine the training, mentoring and coaching needs to cover the whole team and propose solutions for support.

In these studies, we act together with our solution partner 'Double Wings International' on human resources.


Kutluşah; is a management consultancy firm that will enable businesses to get ahead of the competition, use their resources in the most effective way, and accelerate their transformation into profitable, efficient and sustainable structures.

We design and implement our solutions to businesses and to the people who are the most important capital within those businesses.

Our main goal is to show our customers ways to gain organizational agility in the changing world.

Ünsal Sözbir

Provides services to our customers with up to 34 years of senior management experience, management consultancy, coaching, mentoring and trainer experience in public and different private sector organizations.

Sözbir has long experience in financial issues, general strategy, strategic management, change management, marketing, sales and risk management, and has an extensive sectoral experience in finance, banking, energy, retail, real estate, and production in different industries.

Mustafa Büyükateş

More than 38 years of experience in auditor, executive management, board of directors and executive board memberships in financial and real sector organizations.

In addition to consulting on corporate and financial restructuring, internal audit, family companies, management / executive board, he also conducts trainer, mentoring and coaching activities.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein


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Copyright by Kutlusah Danışmanlık 2019. All rights reserved.